I am both happy and excited to announce that I am seeking to represent the people of District 63 in the Louisiana House of Representatives in the upcoming election.  This recent legislative session has proven once again that we need better leadership in our community.  As a resident of District 63, it is clear that we need someone who will stand for our core values and bring change to OUR community, which has suffered from decades of neglect. Unless we make a stand now and demand that OUR voices be heard, OUR community will continue to be second thought to those we entrust with OUR vote. I want to be the leader WE elect to be OUR voice in the State Legislature. District 63 is my home, and is where my family has been living for decades. The time is now to see the change that truly matters.

Our community is in need of:


  • More economic development
  • Affordable and accessible healthcare options
  • Better career opportunities
  • Better schools, and
  • A reformed civil and criminal justice system.

For these reasons, I am humbly asking for your support. As I look forward, I am hopeful to envision success as WE work together to move OUR district in a positive direction. I believe WE CAN, and together, I know WE WILL!  I humbly ask for your support and look forward to working with you in the upcoming months as we seek to bring lasting change to District 63.


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